January 22nd, 2010

heaven et hell

Magnus Muhr, swedish genius?

Soon the common housefly will have it's 15 minutes of fame. I don't know anybody who must appreciate the life of flies more than trout and salmon fish. Flies have been getting such a bad rap since they've appeared in ads for starving children in third world countries. It would seem that flies are the most desperate creatures on earth who seek fame thru video.

When I think of flies, I think of space ships. It is the common housefly's ability to travel in hyperspace that makes me wonder whether they aren't alien creatures disguising themselves as insects. Yet, to obliterate the musca domestica would mean a considerable dent in the food chain. One of the tastiest meals (salmon) rely on them as a main source of nutrients. So why are flies depicted as evil?


A short YouTube cartoon depicting the way man and feline interact


I love home movie cartoons that have that rough and ready look. Simon's Cat seems to have that hypnotic quality that will have me watching episode after episode. The link takes you to a bed time scenario that most single cat owners are probably all but too familiar with which doomkty includes in 'his' (a possible misnomer for a pronoun) profile. I only have one question for the animator. How do you do that?