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The youtube 9/11 collection

Has it really been 2,502 days since 9/11? There's so many variations of the same video of the collisions with the WTC, I found myself spending half the day going thru them all. I would compare the sound, the timing, the expressions by people behind the camera upon the second tower being hit AND their surprise being heard upon the explosive exit of the plan rather than that approach and impact. Hmn? I then began to watch the WTC no airplain theory series†. There's eight of them. That's why I'm getting to bed so late. That and there's nothing on TV to watch and regulate my internal clock with. The cat's still outside too.

I began to look closely at the claims of UFOs and such. There is a blemish in one of the angled footage and, at first I thought it couldn't be a bird or a fly because it seemed to be coming out from behind the towers. Then I realized that a slight blemish can be made out from it's starting point if you calculate it's path. This is the video that captures the blemish so brightly, but another version, a bit greyer in color tone, also depicts the blemish as it is probably from the same camera, or same angle. You know how those reporters like to cling together.

The spec of light, that I always mistook for reflections of the sun against satellites (when I imagine these glares in my backyard), make for good timing devices. For if the glare truly is a satellite, then it should gradually move across the sky. When a gap is shown, it's a good possibility that a clip has been edited. And so what if it was? The media has to make their footage of caught on video material as clear as possible for their viewers. So, if the art department was met with the expectation of sharpening an image to capture the actual plane more clearly, they're only doing their job. I honestly doubt they'll be put on trial for just following orders. Watch enough of these videos really closely and the No airplain theory tends to make sense. Did you know that there's also an enhanced video of the pentegon missile?

There's that blue missle/white exhaust theory, but what really caught my eye was a surveillance type video from a helecopter taken the day just before the attacks in which it is believed that a UFO flew by. It's hard to make out what exactly the object was, but it definitely looks like something. I like to think it was a rocket sort of device some rich executive took to work with him and played around with it from his window office.

I'm subscribing to the no airplane theory because I know that CGI can make this type of video alteration simple and fast. What my main concern is, why shouldn't they (the media) be allowed to play with such technology? Although they seem to be getting the raw end of the stick with so many 9/11 enthusiasts who are dismantling their work, is it only obvious to me that the stock market's misfortune on that black Tuesday of 2001 had everybody running for their portfolios? That doesn't mean the attacks weren't foreign. It's just people doing their jobs, and lying about it (i guess) along the way.

A telemarketer called. I said, you got the wrong number. I happen to have caller ID and see that the same company is constantly calling and leaving messages on my answ machine like "May I speak to…" HELLO!? If it's a machine, nobody can here you request to speak with me. So the guy says he wants to fix it in his computer that he has the wrong number and would I please tell him my name. "It's none of your business, asshole." Once I begin cursing, it's hard to stop. And it's impossible to get a word in edgewise with these executive type office workers because they're following a protocol that conveys chaos. I try again to tell him to fuck off, and he retorts with "Mister. Can you speak English. I do not understand you. Hello? Hello?"

When will it end. It won't end. Telemarketers are the spawn of hell. They're put on earth to keep us in check. Check check check check check. Che Guevara, motherfucker! Leave me alone!!


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