November 4th, 2009


The what & why of blogging

The what & why of blogging should have something useful for everyone who wonders about who their audience is or how to get one. Meanwhile, there's four more links to check out on the subject

This of course is food for thought on the subject I'm currently focused on: screenwriting. Just to note, I must remember to use the word "hump day" in my screenplay to refer to the precise date of June 15, 2005. Other than that, isn't it weird that the article about blogging did not contain reference to the programming technology called wikis? According to the graphic charts, that so many people are into blogging seems ashame since web providers like geocities which disappear from one day to the next gobble up all the hard work that people put into their personal web site. Now I have to try to google my own geocities site to see if any results pop up which I can access thru cached memory. I only read half of it, so that's probably the reason why. I wouldn't hold my breath though.


Bitch about Yahoo!dotcom

In, the search engine allows registered users to customize their page. This is not to say that by registering a user name with, you are allowed to customize your default page as though it were your personal web site. It is to say, instead, that just like yahoo pops up with a slew of media news and stuff, one can alter this default page to display only the stuff you are interested in; so, a person can list favorite rss feeds from the the blogs they frequent most often, lottery results, sports results and movie listings.

This entry is about the movie listings portion. I rely(ied) on so much for this because it allowed me to list various movie theatres to keep tabs on what they currently have listed as showing. The run-time, starting time, address and phone numbers are all helpful when you don't readily have available the Calendar section of your local newspaper (L.A. Weekly). I've noticed one thing that's pretty cool too. It is a drop down menu in which one can select a date for which they are interested in viewing the title listings of movies. Although it seems a person can select up to five days ahead of time, this feature doesn't work. Maybe it's just this city that doesn't list their theatre's movies in advance on-line, but what's weird about all this is the loophole (for lack of a better term).

You see, one has a choice of listing theatres, or movies. I usually list theatres and go down the list of movies at each theatre until I find something interesting. A small section is also reserved for upcoming movies. Here's where the trouble starts. We all know MEN WHO WATCH GOATS is scheduled for premier this Friday, but I cannot get the date selection to display which theatres this film will be opening at AND the upcoming movies section doesn't include MEN WHO WATCH GOATS anymore since, I guess, it's a film that doesn't qualify for the "upcoming movies" section which usually lists films as far in advance as two weeks. In the meantime, there is a blackhole in which the movie is non-existent. Isn't that swell‽ I would say it gives a whole new meaning to the term 'disclaimer'.