September 19th, 2009


What's a mantra chant good for?

It seems the only time I allow myself to read up on my boing boing rss feed is when I have decide to weed out the old entries. So, when I find a video explaining how to increase my reading speed, I pause the task at hand of deletion old bb entries and enjoy the show. I can use a heads-up on speed reading with the book I'm currently trying to finish reading. I've cleared all other books from my library account so that I would have only the one book checked out. Since I've exceded my renewal privileges, I expect I'll be running up quite a sum in late fees if I return the item after I finish reading it. To avoid something drastic from happening like a negative reaction to my credit report, which some libraries seem to have resorted to in the effort to limit the abuse of people staying with borrowed materials indefinitely, I expect the maximum I would eventually be spotted for would be $45 (after 45 days beyond the return date, books go into lost mode in which the value of the book is incurred onto a library account)

HSX has gotten a face lift

If you're familiar with the online market trading game, you'll be impressed with some of the changes to like market tickers (for HSX trades) and a news ticker. I found this trailer there too, which caught my attention because of the goat factor. Goats are such cute animals. If I had a ranch, I would raise goats they're so cute. Anyway, here is a still from the movie, which by the way contains a memorable cast. I wonder if that's Frank moonlighting while us bloggers wait around until the "myguests" feature is activated. Anyway, what more could you ask for in a comedy?

And, is that Clooney staring at him? He totally has a different look in most of the other stills I've seen him in for this flick

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