May 14th, 2009


Sirius/xm radio

I just discovered that Dee Snider has a radio show every Friday in which he hosts a variety of guests, together with Debbie Rochon, involved in the production of horror flicks. I don't really have an xm radio, nor a sirius subscription. Even though I've heard that the two have merged, I tried to check on-line with DirectV website about the xm music channels available thru my cable account. I don't think "Fangoria Radio" is offered, and the dot com for Fangoria magazine doesn't seem to stream the weekly regularly. I dunno if the podcasts always include video (doubtful) or whether the podcasts that are available on-line are abridged.

I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great to download the video podcasts onto my Nano? Also, couldn't I tune in on-line somehow on Fridays with the computer and maybe transfer the digital radio show to analog? Hmm, here's the site

I enjoy Fangoria because it gives me a headstart on which horro movies are currently being made. I figure, if my romantic comedy doesn't work out, I'll just convert it into a horror flick, as scarey movies seem to dominate the cheesey movie screenplays.


Drop box update

I dunno if I mentioned this here, about the ever changing rules that take play in an oligopsony where I work, which I probably have pegged wrongly, but recall a change in the manner in which library books were strictly going to be handled thusly. A book is due on the due date, by the closing hour in which the library closes, no ifs ands or buts. Hence, new procedures were taking place on the times in which drop boxes were to be retrieved. Quite a few people take for granted that they can return their materials borrowed from libraries in the drop box and as long as they drop stuff off before the library opens, the book is returned with the previous date, to accommodate those peeps who arrived just after closing time. In other words, people would stay with their items one extra day, with the mental not to return their loans before the drop box was gotten to by library staff.

Well the head honchos in this part of town caught word about this and said uh-uh. No way. Whenever stuff is retrieved from a drop box, we absolutely must back date the comptuers. Not that this affects my readers, I guess I'm just posting this as a sorta disclaimer. Hah. That'll be the day