February 9th, 2009


Regrettable things unlike blistering fingers

I always felt that the grade level 1 piano book of Beatles tunes would be valuable in my attempt to learn to play guitar. I mean, the Beatles did consist of three guitar players. So I've started teaching myself the song "Golden Slumber" which isn't in the music book I have, but found a tabular copy on-line. There's only so many times a riff can be repeated before the song itself just starts sounding awful, despite the improvement after every try. I'm thinking, before the weeks end, I'll have the first stanza complete, and although I find myself singling along once or twice, I'm only doing this to limber my fingers. Beatles songs are only good for converting into thrash metal versions.

I thought this weekend would be ideal for me to catch up on my DVD project of burning copies of the 6 o'clock news but that project has turned out to be too tedious. WTF am I expected to do with so many discs after I've accumulated each episode of NBC4's broadcast. Ridiculous. I'm going to have to pull the plug on that little venture and just live with myself after I end up regretting it later. C`la vie. In a gadda da vida.

Back in the 80's there was a recording studio that released a bunch of medleys and one of the was called a Beatles' medley by stars on 45. I didn't know that was a "disco" label, but I couldn't help but enjoy that medley every time I heard it on the radio. There was a long version and a short version. One of the two contained "She came in thru the bathroom window" and "Golden slumber" although I think I recall hearing these songs played back to back directly after the medley. Those were strange days. I'm kinda glad I was never able to find a downloadable copy of Stars on 45's medly of the Beatles. If I wanted to visit memory lane, I would be better off finding a copy of "The flock of seagulls".

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Rocket stove b-que

It works pretty good. I picked up some fish at Costco. I never knew salmon could be so humongous. Dang. The first batch of fish, on day one, didn't come out so good. I mean they were fully cooked, but they didn't taste nearly as good as I've tasted salmon before. Next day, I tried a basic marinade of olive oil, lime juice, a bay leaf, salt pepper, onion and garlic. I'm so happy with the turn out, I can see myself cooking fish on a regular basis. The whole purpose of finding a hibachi sized grill (rocket stove) is so that I could cook some fish outdoors and not stink up my house with that fishy smell. In that respect, the small little makeshift stoke works wonderfully. I don't use dried twigs or brush for fuel since I'm cooking directly on a grill and that sort of fire would blacken my food with soot. Instead, once I have the fuel chamber hot enough, I place mesquite coals inside and wait for the stove to get hot enough before placing the fish. That reminds me, I gotta pick up some oranges

In the spotlite: doctors who're studmasters

jurisprudenceI thought I would copy this quote from Clay S. Conrad which seems to sound favorably toward juror rights in nullification. It reads…

If jurors are not competent to judge the law, how could they be competent to vote for legislators who write the laws, or the judges who interpret the laws, or the referenda or initiatives that are on the ballot in many states?

If we believe that jurors are not competent to judge the laws after having every detail of the case, and after hearing the law and the facts argued and explained to them at great length, then we have to believe that judging the law is a significantly more difficult task than is required of voters, following whatever minimal investigation they have performed on their own. I do not believe that argument can be made with a straight face.


The think different thinking process

What is up with my thought process? In the last couple entries, I described my enthusiasm of teaching myself a simple Beatles song on my guitar. It's a rare thing because I just don't find as much time to play as I would like. So when I do get into the zone, I make every effort to take advantage of it.

Coming home from work, I'm anxious to get started with dinner because I know it's going to take a long time. BTW, my bar-b-q salmon was marvelous with the soaked in rain mesquite chunks which give the food a smokier flavor, though it takes longer to cook. Anyway, I'm pulling into my drive way and get out of the car to open the gates. I'm so rushed squish my third finger right dead center of my fingernail. Why do I do this to me? I know full well that I will be needing that finger to finish learning "Golden Slumbers". Is it because I can't stand that song anymore that I did this to myself.

Don't get me wrong. My finger is still attached. My fingernail is not blackened and will not fall off. The pain is minimal to the touch. I'm typing this entry with all my fingers with no trouble at all. This has happened before. I'm in the zone, trying to learn "Rock n roll all nite" or "Mean man" or some other tune and wham! I smash one of my fret-hand fingers against something. Ouch! Then what I do is I take a break from practice and another huge gap evolves between the time it takes me to find the zone again.

I skipped practice today. I didn't do much. It took two hours to cook my fish and later I sat to watch Get smart on DVD. I wanted to rewrite one of the quotes by Clay S. Conrad in a Sutterlin script with shadows in their strokes, but I'm already getting tired. If I wake up early, I'll see about getting some guitar practice in before and after work. I sound horrible.

I can make out a small contusion on my finger nail. I guess if I ever became good enough to land a paying gig, I'd probably end up like Tommy Iommi. I think this kind of thing happens to me because I believe that I come up with better concepts when I draw with my left hand, though I'm right handed. This is something to do with "Drawing from the left side of your brain". So if that's true, I imagine that song writing would come easier to me if I composed right handed.

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Reading material

I'm just going to take the time to dog ear these three news sources for reading reference tomorrow. The first one is a link from Print Magazine about Frank Shepard Fairey. It takes this kind of high profile news to really motivate me to research† blogging sites on bloggers v. the first amendment type of stuff. Along those lines, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of "Nothing but the truth", a film about a journalist who is tried for not revealing her source in a news column and incarcerated for such a long time, consumers of news publications began to forget about her. Sad. It's scheduled for Feb. 26, 2009, but perhaps there will be a limited release a few days sooner.

Before the Fairey copyright infringement accusations came to light, there was a lot of interest in his poster. I recall interviews and comments about various organizations wanting to make his poster of Prez Obama the icon for change. Obviously, if this hadn't come to pass, I'm certain that the accusations would never have occurred. Isn't it ironic? AP news takes the time to express their position* on the matter.

* http://www.ap.org/pages/about/whatsnew/wn_020409a.html