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elektrofonik's proposition to brigits_flame

Against my better judgment, I've created some lyrics. These are rough and I welcome any help there might be out there in brigits_flameland. I call this "A lasting cry of anguish"

I was careless
Nobody ever said
and I didn't know
being without friends I'd be better off dead

If the fog rolls in for Queens, it's Halloween
When I see little rabbits
They work their magic magic
and when that rabid facet
rolls in on Halloween

Ivory blades bite thru the skin
Killer zombies spread their love
Plots of acres, you half wit fakers
Magic makers. Oh, set free the dove

If the fog rolls in for Queens, it's Halloween
When I see little rabits
they work their magic magic
and we will be a rabid facet
rolling on Halloween

Pink demons peel their skins
the hardened devil's gore
Blatant plee of innocent youth
without the soul evermore
Against the sane believers
tread the dirt and spread the soot
Do you believe. Do you believe
there is no escape by foot

Lift the fog to the Queen of Halloween
When I see rabbits
they're working their magic
Oh, when we become rabid fagots
close in on Halloween

A resting place begets my heart
It was a passage thru time. Thru school
Left behind are those we love
for better, for worse, for a fool

Etched in stone, carved in oak
The only memories arresting her
best mist, fixed tryst, mixed bliss
a bitter laugh from this soulless cadaver

If the fog rolls in, Queen Halloween
I'll see little rabbits
working their magic magic
When that rabid facet
rolls in, it's Halloween

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