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Yesterday, as is so on most of my Saturday nights, I find myself watching the fight on HBO. Malignaggi vs. Hatton. Whenever I've seen Paulie fight in the past, I never liked him. Yesterday, however, was different.

I can't say why Paulie Malignaggi rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps it is his cockiness when he's in the ring that I feel is attributed to his style of dancing and dodging swings. His face also reminded me of a movie clip from a paperback called Monsters of the cinema. I never was sure if that picture of a bald, fang bearing monster was a vampire or a zombie.

This is the exact reason why I never go to Vegas or anywhere where I might lose money gambling. I always pick the loser. I don't know what got into me to think that Hatton would be the loser in the fight. Hmn? maybe because I know nothing about boxing. It isn't that Hatton strikes me worse. It must've been that seeing Paulie in the ring again just brought that much more familiarity as far as what to expect from him. I'd never seen Hatton fight before.

Also, I heard the telecaster mention he was from Brooklyn. Why, the Dodger's use to be from Brooklyn. So, Paulie can't be that bad. Plus, his east coast facial characteristics made me wonder about Ana Garcia. She too is from New York. Half way into the match, you can imagine how I feel about watching her likeness being struck the way Hatton was doing. I found myself wanting a knock out to end the fight, but also wanting Paulie to kick some ass.

Anyway… what's the name of that monster? I spent a good hour searching it on-line. I finally decided that I should sketch it from memory. It couldn't be that hard. I distinctly remember bulging eyes, opened and puckered mouth as if the monster was caught by surprise for the mug shot and hardly a chin worth mentioning. What was that?