October 21st, 2008


I have a mac

Here I am, at work, about to upload some of the songs from my CD collection on a PC. Yesterday I tried hooking up my new LG to the Mac, but my computer didn't recognize it. The CDROM that came with the phone says it's for Windows OS system. Drag. The 'puter at work shows a capacity of 74GB, so I figure a few MB isn't going to be all that much hindering to it, even though they suck for everything else.

So, lemme return my junk so that the next guy has an opportunity to read them, and I'll start the process of uploading. Darn! I forgot my cell phone manual too.

Sprint software

I managed to upload the CDROM with software for the PC to make it capable of recognizing my phone. I also uploaded four CDs - The Delgados' HATE, Juday Priest's NOSTRADAMUS, Mötley Crüe's SAINTS OF L.A., and Alice Cooper's ALONG CAME A SPIDER. Here's my predicament. None of these albums successfully uploaded to the C drive with their song titles in tact. Now I have several different folders with songs that are described as "track 1 of 10, track 2 of 10" etc. Is this why I still love my Mac? even though there's no way in hell I'll ever get it to recognize the phone?

After a few hours of hacking away at it, I finally figured out how the syncing software works for transfering C: drive music files to the phone. I couldn't transfer everything because the computer would stop whenever it came to a file that duplicated another one. So track 1 of the Mötley Crüe's CD is track 1 of 13 and track 1 of the Delgados' CD is track 1 of 13. DO YOU WANT TO OVERWRITE? Yes, No, Cancel, WTF?

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