October 9th, 2008

Ana Garcia

This is the e-Mail I got from AOL

Dear AOL Journals user,

Collapse )AOL® Journals will permanently shut down on Oct. 31. It’s never an easy decision to shut Collapse )upCollapse ). If you wish to transfer your journal to Blogger, they will move your posts, comments and photos to your new blog on their service. When you're ready, go to this link to get started.

Remember, it's very important to save your Journals content before Oct. 31. If you choose not to move to Blogger, you'll need to save your information manually (for example, by copying and pasting its contents into a word processor).

Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this transition, and we hope you enjoy using Blogger.com.


The AOL Journals Team

Foreseeing the inevitability of classic AOL treatment as described from the vast amount of disgruntled AOL users, my password privileges for signing onto my public journal will be withheld pending these reasons (none of which apply to me BTW)

Suspended account in AIM® service If you receive the message "Suspended Account" when trying to sign on to the AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM®) service, it means your AIM® screen name has been suspended. There are several reasons why you may have received this message:

AIM® screen names may have been blocked due to a violation of the Terms of Service, such as the sending of unsolicited bulk communications.

AIM screen names that have been identified as under the age of 13 may not use the AIM service. If you have incorrectly entered your birth date, you may use a credit card to complete the age verification process. A fee of 1 dollar will be charged and refunded, which will appear on the credit card statement.

AOL® screen names that have been cancelled can no longer sign in to the AIM service. This includes all master and secondary screen names of the cancelled account.

AOL screen names may have been blocked due to outstanding billing issues with either the AOL® account or an AOL® Premium paid service. Please sign on with the AOL® software or go to http://bill.aol.com for additional instructions to resolve outstanding billing issues.

AOL screen names may have been blocked due to a violation of the Terms of Service. Please sign on with the AOL software for additional instructions.

AOL screen names that have Parental Controls set to block instant messages, or that are in the Kid's Only age category are blocked from using the AIM service. To change this setting, the master screen name on the AOL account needs to go to AOL® Keyword: Parental Controls. Adjust the settings on the affected screen name to allow instant messages and ensure that the age category is set to Young Teen (13 - 15), Mature Teen (16 - 17), or General (18 and older).

This is the return e-Mail address
from the encryption hacks at A-hOLes HQ. I just thought I would take my views and post them for ALL to see that it would take approximately 31+ days to find anybody at AOL who can re-establish my password so that I might back up my journal before they cencored my written entries. But, of course, everything corporate is done in a stragic timeline so that, by then, it would be too late.



The good news is that I managed to install vanilla, a wiki structured program for doing stuff on the computer. It wasn't easy and I needed the guidance of the developer to help me out, but it seems to be up and running on my Intranet. Now I have to psyche myself out to make myself determined to get this running on a network so that people can pull up my site by typing into the location field a domain like www.slavezombie.com or www.bierdestone.com or nmefoofoo.com, toothache.com, etc.
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Vote brigits_flame (http://community.livejournal.com/brigits_flame/80526.html#cutid1)

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There it goes.
The room is fairly quiet considering all of the wandering about of employees walking back and forth about their business.
There what goes?
A mouse. You didn't see it?
SFX: cell phone
Hello… it's Stanislavski
HERMAN STANISLAVSKI has a comfortable job at a magazine writing on-line articles for which he receives a commission each time his news stories go to print.
Hi. Have you gone to lunch yet?
I'm coming down. Don't leave without me.
MINA hangs up her phone. She sighs. She is in love with Herman. They get along with each other fairly well.
How's it going down there.
My eyes are burning. Together with the constant calls I get on the cell, it's a miracle my doctor hasn't diagnosed me with a brain tumor.
I'm sorry.
Guess what?
Remember Fred Sterlington?
The volleyball player?
Yeah. He wants me to meet him next week at the hospital during his physical.
Oh, dang! He's trying to get you to pee in a cup for him.
Why does everyone think I'm so straight laced?
Because you're a loser.
There are journalists, famous ones, who do drugs. Look at Hunter S. Thompson.
Long pause as the couple continue to stroll down a path along the lake watching the ducks.
Hey, you wanna play a funny joke?
I'm not going to get high before his exam. He's trying to get into the olympics.
Well wait. You said he was having a physical. Is it a physical or is it a urine test? … because physicals are supposed to be private.
He's just paranoid. I guess that's one of the side effects you get from taking steroids.
Okay. I'm on my period.
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