July 6th, 2008


Etsy project

Today's blanket sin
I guess I haven't tried to put some thought into finding a craft that I can make that might turn heads and earn me some petty cash because it just seems so boring. I mean, the creative process is fun and all, but once a product is developed, for which there may or may not be a demand, then it's all routine. Make more products. Keep accurate books, network, ugh. Anyway, I came up with this little pinwheel thingy. I picked it up from a book on teaching myself music theory. It's been helpful in my attempts to learn to play guitar. It's really self explanatory. The chords and scales are designated in roman numerals in the smaller center circle. Once you know what you want to play (Major chord, minor chord, etc) you just match the numbers with the letters in the outer circle.

I made myself one of these by hand. That is, no computer printer. Although my calligraphy can never match the crisp, sharp lettering on this digital version, I do use permanent, water-resistant ink for them. There are plenty of active calligraphers who'll tell you that they format their designs on the computer before taking ink to paper so that they'll have an idea of proportion and positioning. Well, I think this digital version didn't come out half bad, so Collapse )

This is how I spent my 4th of July weekend. I decided to pick up my guitar again and start writing a song. I don't think that's possible for me to do, however, so I settled for learning to play a Beattles' song called Michelle mabelle. Of course, once I've learned to play this on a guitar, you bet our cahonies that I'll be making it more pleasing to the discerning metal listener. It's the only way I know to learn theory—by converting an old classic into heavy metal. But I don't know if Michelle mabelle is the right song for this type of objective. Oh well, at least I'll get some chord practice in…


An American psycho

I was watching a movie that I hadn't seen in a long time. The first fifteen minutes into it, my mind begins to wander and I find myself wanting to grab my laptop to check the address shown on Patrick's business card. You see, I wonder sometimes whether there might not have been some real hardcore criminals working in the twin towers to have had such a fate end theirs and so many innocent people's lives. So, I'm all into the movie and I make a mental note to check afterward.

This was the quick note I took after the film because so many ideas were running through my head, what with discovering that Chlöe Sevigny was in this film, and just stuff I had been procrastinating and was now determined to take care of it without forgetting.

I write really weird sometimes. Normally, I write like the lyrics of Michelle mabelle Collapse )
I don't recommend wasting too much time on figuring out my notes. Let's see, I have the address from the biz card in the movie, I noticed that my first attempt to good it returned something about an "Exchange Place" in Jersey City, and I jotted down, I don't know why, the exact location of Patrick Bateman's work address. I guess if I ever get out to the east coast, I'll make a point to visit and take pix.

It seems my DSL just isn't fast enough for me, because while I waited for all this information from google maps, I'm looking at a Beatles' song book and selecting the next first song I attempt to learn on guitar. Collapse )
Oh, yes. There's also a footer note at the lower right of the page that reads "delete entry from some comunity on lj I had joined" I had included my age as one of the requirements to join, then later left community for reasons that seemed logical at the time, and remembered that I should remove my entry. I wasn't able to delete the entry. I'm guessing because I'm not a member of the community anymore? I dunno. Who cares.