June 14th, 2008

heaven et hell

Demon babies

I've finally seen Rosemary's baby for the very first time. I thought it was quite good for a movie that is forty years old. I think it's 40th year anniversary was Friday the 13. Now I remember why I had such a crush on Mia Farrow for so long. She kinda reminds me of the librarian working at Pico Union by her soft spoken nature and her petite body structure.

In other cute areas of the web, I found this Bambi story on cuteoverload, but if you're interested in keeping tabs on the little guy named Jet, follow this link to the IronMountain jewelry page¶. It's not everyday I endorse a company I use to work for, but I seriously doubt this IronMountain is not the same IronMountain in Culver City (or is that City of Commerce. Industry?) I think it was the City of Industry location I held gigs with and I remember that place because of my boss' likeness to Prince, and my supervisor's resemblance to Malcolm. (Malcolm from the Sex Pistol's CD The great rock n roll swindle) God I hated that guy.

¶ http://www.ironmountainjewelry.com/FawnFolio.html