May 15th, 2008

Ana Garcia

Press passes r us

Exploding video on freeway bike riding. Aside from making their statement on the ridiculously high gas prices, perhaps the US would be one of the healthiest coronary countries in the world if freeways were reserved for "biking" your commute to work only. I don't see this footage on any of my news channels I tune in on, and I can see my fav news anchors scratching their heads trying to figure out how they can get their copy. You know there's something amiss when the news decides to cover news like this after the fact, when the cops get there and the citations are disbursed.
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One of my fav comics comic_bc, which also came in graphic novel (short) format. Unlike today's manga's which literally begin on page one and lead the reader thru events, in sequence, to the last page. BC was always four panels long.

Family crest and live radio from (Basque land?)

Description of heraldry and family crests

Radio eitb has an interesting FM station you can listen to with Windows MediaPlayer. I can't make out what the dj is saying half the time and I dunno if it's because they're speaking a mixture of Portuguese/Spanish, or whether they're speaking Euskal. Somebody… anybody?

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