December 11th, 2007


Theatre hall swag

For the headbanger / movie buff tired of blending in with the wrong crowd. Here is a site I found at MWSM

It's a merge between thrash metal bands and internationally acclaimed film makers. I've always said, it's only a matter of time before heavymetal is used for the score of films depicting suspense and what not. And if there's lyrics involved, you know the songs used will have a deus-x-machina effect to the plot.
heaven et hell

text messaging

Hurrah! I got the txt messaging feature working. I can receive your messages at the spur of the moment now. Not only that… I keep my cell dangling at my desk in the office where things can get painfully quiet. The theme song ringer I have is Alfred Hitchcock Presents, so wake me up by calculating your txt messages around siesta hour for best (REM) effect.