November 28th, 2007


Inexpensive coffee maker

Ever wonder what happens when you fill up on too much caffeine? Here's a story about a teen who was delivered to a hospital after only seven double shot espressos. The headline was catchy, reminding me of the scene in the film Henry Fool when Henry proposes to his gf while sitting on the toilet. Sur La Table, in Farmer's Market @ the Grove, is supposed to carry this nifty, portable espresso maker. Within the immediate vicinity, other retailers listed as distributers follow. Collapse )

¶ news… copywriting faces is not acceptable in the US

I know my web design skills need a lot of work. At this point in time, I've discovered how unappealing my blog displays on PCs, as well as Opera browsers for Macs. Before I forget, I'm making a note to myself to read this site before I decide to install an owner's copy of BBedit and attempt to renovate the current custom style I'm using.

My design principles tend to focus on lettering, I guess. I'm not even sure of that, but here's something that looks interesting for my list of to read sites. It's an article about the creator of, a site soon to appear in my links list. Although, one of the things I'm interested in is more information supporting the wikipedia article about the Antiqua Fraktur dispute.



I'm sure you've seen message boards, even on lj, in which the first response to an entry created by somebody popular, like news, might begin with the word "first". I never understood that, other than to mean some sort of childish game. But now it seems to all be coming together. One major issue among dedicated bloggers is their "first" amendment right. Bloggers everywhere want backstage passes, lobbying space, interviews with VIPs, etc. When I heard this morning that the California demo debate would be cancelled, then later got the skinny on a CNN/youtube debate, instead of cringing, I "ooh" and "aah". But what happens? I stumble onto something called youporn.
I have no beef with the union
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It just figures that I stumble onto a porn sight looking for something educational. It's times like these that I feel like I've been used by me. After sex, there's nothing a man wants more than to sleep, but with women it's different. After sex, women feel a surge of energy. At least that's what I've heard. That must be why, when I get stuck in one of those really good wanking porn sights, I don't feel so used as when I'm with a woman, who, incidentally, could probably kick my ass after intercourse no matter how big I am.

I am not going there. It just seems obvious to me that a politician who won't cross a "writers" picket line, but will hold a debate on-line, is already dead set on how they plan to interpret the first amendment.