November 27th, 2007


Tempus Sans ITC

I decided to change my entry font to "Tempus Sans ITC" which I think looks really cool. Remember the old comic strip Tumbleweeds? That was one of my favs and I recall how sad I got when, from one day to the next, the lettering format for this comic strip changed from a pick up sticks style to a computer printer, sans-serif style font. Anywho, this Tempus Sans font reminds me of those days.

This change will only effect PC computer users BTW. 'puters that have a typewriter font will still display this blog in screenplay format. Well, I'm still working on getting this blog to look like a screenplay. Oh yes, I also removed justify for my ¶ entries because I didn't likek the way fixed width text seemed to contain huge gaps in space to accommodate for flush right indention.


Don't shoot. I'm crazy.

I'm not sure if this is the URL I'm referring to because my computer froze when I did a search for something equally as drastic.
In the news, just google it, I typed muhammad and couldn't help but to look up "Jesus christ" +dung +art. That's probably what froze my Internet browser. Recall the art exhibit at the Brookelyn Museum of art in 1999 called Sensation and the way the mayor, or somebody, had one of the displays brought down because seeing the image of Christ the lord in shit was just too much for Americans