November 20th, 2007

Giannina Facio

Quarter life

One of the things that's been on my mind since the writers' strike is, now that they have all the time of day to ponder their thoughts on the picket line, where can I read their blogs? I knew that I could never find a blog by a writer that would capture my interest long enough to keep me entertained. Most of the feeds I subscribe to are by writers, and I hardly read them. It's just hard to find the right writer, but I'm the same way with books. If the author intrigues me, I'll read it.

If I knew what intrigued me, perhaps have the treasure hunt would be complete. I missed the book signing for Amy Wallace's new book The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists. I really wanted to go, but… I just realized that Amy Wallace, the journalist, who's probably not even related to Amy Wallace, the author, left her job with the L.A. Times for Condé Nast Portfolio magazine. Admittedly, it was her who turned me on to Amy Wallace's book on Carlos Castaneda. … but back to Amy Wallace.

Her most recent article, a review of a home production called 1⁄4 life can be seen at I don't want to bum anybody out because the streaming on my computer really sucks, and should your computer have skips and breaks in audio, welcome to the club. It is the slow realization that the old 'puter is getting old. You know what this web video series reminds me of? It reminds me of my 28-year cycle calendar. The first twenty-eight years are always the hardest. That is what the age range of most characters in this show would revolve around. The second twenty-eight years would be middle age. The third, retirement, and the fourth… nobody ever reaches the fourth and lives to tell about it.


The cable guy is going door to door selling a new satellite

Hmmn, I got the shallowest mechanized message on my digital answering machine twice the past couple days. It left an 866 number to call regarding a "free" upgrade for a TiVo descrambler for my HDTV. The upgrade comes (requires) with the TiVo/box, a larger dish and installation. I said, I have stuff in memory I don't want to lose and Paula tells me that that's too bad and I have to find my own way to save my stuff. It's times like these I wish I were a lawyer so that I could inquire why the upgrade equipment can't just be left on my doorstep (leading to why I can't keep the old TiVo/box just like the techs conveniently leave the old dish for my to dispose of. "No can do" says Paula. "… and I can't break down the value of what the package runs for since I'm not charging you to do all this".

OK, schedule me for an upgrade the latest you can. Now I'm curious about just how many hidef channels I'm missing out on, since it would be nice to get a HD digital broadcast of my fav newscast. If I don't post for awhile, it's because I'm uploading all my saved stuff as fast as I can.

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