October 24th, 2007



One of the first things I did when I arrived at SF for the zine fest was to take the Alcatraz tour. I never imagined that the cells would be so small. I would probably go insane if I was ever locked in such a small cell. Anyway, thanks to god I'm not a trouble maker. I realize I haven't been posting and it sucks. I have so many opinions about the stuff I see on TV.

The fire is intense, isn't it. On my drive to work, I felt like I was in a place where volcanic activity fills the sky with burnt stuff. One of the things that totally slipped my mind, but that this fire sparked some recall, was something I read about the 700yr anniversary of the annailation of the knights templar. I half expectantly prepared myself for some awful terror attack from secret societies trying to take revenge on the church for completely dissolving their order by burning them at the stake. Not that this fire has anything to do with. According the the info I read somewhere on the web, October 13 was supposed to be the date of something big to have happened. I guess it's safe to relax now. My computer is acting up. My cursor is advancing beyond the keystroke point, and links on other pages are running into adjacent text.

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Achoo! Achoo, ugh, achoo!! fuck. achoo!!! @#!&%$

Today I met somebody fun to talk to and we exchanged blog sites. Well, actually, she gave me her myspace site and I promised to friend her to my short list of myspace friends. I didn't know something about Tye that, now that I've read her bio, indicates she once desired to be a film maker. That's so cool. I swear. Anyway. I hope we become fast friends.

I've been NOT doodling lately because I've been focusing my attention on my screenplay. I want to either incorporate what I've already drawn into the story, or start drawing stuff related to the plot. I'll be placing my contributions to IF on hiatus for awhile. Busy busy busy, and now my battery is dying.

Is it just me, or is it hard to breathe in LA? I'm fine indoors, but the moment I step out the door, I get these sneeze attacks. And I'm a loud sneezer. Think SLAYER songs and me as the vocalist. Actually, whenever I do sneeze (outloud), that's what I'm listening for. HEAVYMETAL. Okay, I hear Prez GB is visiting LA soon. Since that's the main thing on my mind, I couldn't help making my thoughts visible to fellow bloggers, doodlers, zombies.