September 5th, 2007


Apostrophe dedications

Notice the way this blogger alternates which apostrophe symbol she uses whenever the letter case of in the words change from lower case to uppercase (all caps). I just noticed today that she uses her pinky finger on her left hand (grave) for capital words containing a possessive inflection, or a contraction. I wasn't sure it wasn't just a fluke, so I checked all other words in her entries searching for contractions like "wasn't", "didn't", etc. (any of these kind of words spelled using lower case letters). Heather is using the apostrophe symbol keystroke nearest her right hand's pinky for these sentences.

In an earlier entry, she does it again. She uses the keystroke for an grave accent, which works equally well, IMO, so I think I'll remember to do that too. THAT`S COOL!