July 1st, 2007On this day in different years


Five days to Los San Fermines de Pamplona

I never realized before, but the running of the bulls actually takes place (i guess) the day after the 4th of July. I never realized this from the way all the footage is shown on the news. What I mean, the 5th of July is just another day. I wonder whether there's some kind of political statement there.

I've been hesitant to scan my high school year book pic. I have the idea that I can pretend those photos are wedding photos. Well, when else does a person take pictures of himself with his gf wearing a tux?

What finally snapped me out of this fantasy dream was this obsession I have over the NBC news anchor reporter Ana Garcia. She never replied to my psycho letters before—I think I must've written her three or four times before finally letting it go—but my approach was all wrong, you see. What I should've done was send her a pic of me and Ana Brito, and ask point blank in one or two sentences "Is this you?" I don't expect an answer. Life is hell.