April 26th, 2007


My cavity fillings & KBLA

I'm not going to say that I'm receiving radio signals from my tooth fillings. I don't think that's feasible anymore now that most dentists have switched from mercury fillings to white fillings. I will say, since taking the tour of NBC studio , that I made the switch from Letterman to Jay Leno as a late night amnesia remedy. After having gotten all my cavities done on the same day (eight?), months ago, I felt like I just experienced a stroke. The pain in my mouth eating cold as well as hot just doesn't make food a pleasurable experience as I remember it. When I brush my tongue over my teeth and feel the smooth surface, then the white filling, my molars don't feel sharp and smooth anymore. Brushing was painful if I didn't warm the water for rinsing and listerine was a spicey hot on a whole new level.

Just as I began pondering my decision to switch to The tonight show from The late show, a little light bulb in my head lit up telling me that, when Letterman accidentally cut himself serious enough to get five or six stitches, he isn't even a lefty. I thought it was so ironic that he would display his stitches on TV exactly when I injured my own hand. The irony isn't enough to make me stay with CBS when the odds that I might see AG sitting in the audience of the Tonight show increase each day she brings us the 6 o`clock news. That will brighten my day after watching the local news. And I might even see her captured on a HDTV camera. I wasn't able to distinguish the stitches on Letterman's hand watching him on HDTV, because it just recently dawned on me that I should be watching these shows on hi-def channels, not Channel 4). Even now, I don't know for sure whether I'll be getting the full hi-def effect on Direct TV's channel 83 (I don't have a local channel HD antenna). Who do I ask to find out these things? My logic tells me, I don`t get the hi-def version on channel 4 without the local HD antenna, but I do get it on channel 83. Right? I just can't tell the difference. I'm so embarrassed because it should be obvious.

Nevermind… HDTV late night is cool.