November 12th, 2005


I want some more chicken soup

Pass the techila please. I got a watery substance running down my nose, a nasal blockage preventing me from sniffing the runniness back in where it should stay, a congested chest and a cough, followed by nausea. STAY AWAY.
          This always happens just when I start to see myself in the mirror and build confidence about how my bod`s coming along with the hot baths I amiably call a hot tub. I had a revelation that I might start up my 'prison' workout routine again and tighten some of those ab(domen) muscles that`ve come into focus (heh, mebbe that`s where the nauseous feeling`s comin' from). What a preposterous idea to even think typing this public. I thought I`d write something funny that I could laugh at five years from now?

In other news, the dream police have caught on to me. I had difficulty all day using wifi at work. Thinking my laptop has been identified. Darn! I thought I was making strides in progress. I even registered an account with MovableType. I`m sleepy now… Wish someone would call and lull me to sleep. jethrablack seems to have a knack with words that could send me into dreamland.
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