September 24th, 2005


What I`m not hearing

My rocker-tune friend sent me a CD w/MP3 files… my computer just won`t read these songs by Mark Free
Stranger among us
The last time
Hard heart to break
State of love
Slow down the night
Look love in the eye
Long way from home

Naked desire
So many women
You do it for love
Angel of grace
True love
Down the road
Should be me

Lou Gramm:
Anytime, anywhere
Lou Gramm:
Sex and money
Lou Gramm:
Holy man
Honest crime
Wolves at the door
Something new
Freedoms wings
Love is blind

One thing I cannot figure out in burning CDs for my car stereo is timing tracks to bleed into subsequent tracks. An example of a badly burned CD is from Le Nouveau Gothique album by EVANESCENCE. Whenever I start playing that [homemade disc] in the car, the first track, Intro, leaves a gap of a fraction of a second before starting Where will you go

In the Information window for iTunes, there is a tab labeled options which gives the listener the option adjust the "Stop Time" of a track. If anyone out there privy to iTunes has burned CDs for stereo playback is reading this, have you ever used this feature to cut the blank sound space between tracks to make a prelude/intro track merge into the following track more smoothly?
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Chicken cheques

I can do this, I can do this, I said to myself. I`m gonna clear my desk and make myself a note finder in the shape of a spin-wheel. Just lemme go to the bank and clear somethin out. I`ve had a BofA acct for two years now and haven`t yet requested personal check booklets as I haven`t used up the blank complementary checks yet. AND, I was waiting to build up the nerve to go in and request an A.K.A. so that, when I get my checks, the name above the address would read my real name as well as my a.k.a.

But NOOOOOOOooooooooo. The manager said I need to show legal docs. In the meantime, they`re scrutenizing their comp and showing I already have an A.K.A. [spaniardized/mexicanized] and when I inform them I didn`t show any legal docs when I opened the account, they said "Oh. Well, I don`t know who opened the acct for ya, but it was an error". So, I sit there for an hour while the 'new accts' clerk chats with the legal dept and makes a decision to remove the current a.k.a. altogether. I went ahead and ordered new checks with whatever fuckin name they wanna put on them (possibly asshole ) and will await to see what the grade of paper BofA uses for their standard checks. Then I`ll make a decision on what I`ll do for direct deposit.