March 4th, 2005


hi-tech blogging

Has anybody discovered When I stumbled on the site years ago, I couldn`t make heads or tails out of it. Of course, I registered myself on the site, yet couldn`t navigate it well. 75% of the comments left on this blog is gibberish to me anyway, but I remained the faithful user because some of the links were quite funky.

So, I`m working on my computer getting bored writing my screenplay and I stray from the project to flirt with my computers operating system. I don`t know anything about Terminal, Rebol, Core, etc. But in my attempt to install Vanilla onto my computer, the instructions for installation seem simple enough, but the problem is I don`t know how to use Apache other than to set up an Intranet. So I have given up with the theory I`m better off while I`m still ahead of the game and have a fully functional computer.

My next project will be accumulating all the sites, after reading the Yahoo! groups messages in its entirety, posted in their technical assistance message group.
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