Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Rigor mortis haircut

It's been several weeks now since I entered the place pictured above and asked for a trim. I specifically asked not to be given a haircut and whether they can just cut off the tips to balance the whole long hair thing I'm trying for lately. Here is a description of the way my haircut ensued.

After my hair was washed, I took my seat and the butcher who was assigned to me fitted me with a cloth to protect my clothes. Then she asked what do you want done to your hair? and she lifted a strand, stetching it out as if static electricity might cause one's hair to stretch outward. She held it with one hand and the scissors with the other and asked me to calculate where exactly she should cut. This was after I had already described my desire for a trim with no more than an inch to be cut.

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