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Not another Hollywood strike

Remember the writers' strike? I remember it… when newscasters reported on the status of it, I remember alleged description of screenwriters as "losers" being tossed around as some opinionated journalists would claim that nobody wins during a strike. The same has been said of the possible SAG strike which may or may not start within a week. Yesterdays news segment on NBC was very informative. It is the first time that I manage to grasp the concept of an elite writer being the winner in a WGA strike in which young writers suffer. To this day I kept asking myself, how can that be? It's like a question mark floating atop my head after reading something about proposition 13 and how the property value won't increase after ten years. Huh? I thought the whole point of investing in real estate was to benefit from the value increase of assets, but I guess proposition 13 benefits home owners by keeping taxes down. I dunno. Back to Hollywood.

NBC4 ran a report with various moviestars gathered together. I guess they were discussing possible solutions to prevent a union strike. It was the segment that ended with Ana Garcia making the remark "Très bien. Indeed." Translation: Very well. Indeed. It was very cute. I replayed that line several times, turned closed captioning on, looked it up in a dictionary of idioms and finally resorted to an online translation site which returned the definition for the word "bien". I think Ana is so much more attractive when she speaks Spanish.

It never dawned on me how elite, retired actors, who graduate to producer, would be cast as a foe against laboring actors. At least that's how I look at it. Who would know more about acting talent in the film if not a retired actor? Unless, of course, the producer is a Donald NBC4's Ana Garcia Trump or some other kind of business tycoon, a strike really does result in nobody winning. Everyone is a loser. How comforting. If producers and production companies are made out to be the bad guy in a SAG strike, and a select few of those production companies are run by actors and actresses from bygone days, then "nobody wins" as metaphor makes more sense to me now. If I was an actor, I would hope that I would accumulate enough savings to be able to one day invest my money in something I know a one or two things about. I can't even afford my own place, the way things stand now.

Come what may, I'm well prepared with enough reading material to last the next couple months if my TV begins to show nothing but reruns, and theaters release mostly independent films (which is better for me, actually because I like indy films.)

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