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(click for illustration) Sometimes I wish I had the training that librarians get on the subject of research. It's marvelous how they can pull up answers on the Internet on almost any subject put to them. I've been in a quandary over the voice of one KFWB reporter that I hear infrequently. She calls herself Lisa de Jardin and she sounds a lot like Xeni Jardin of boingboing dot com.

I've searched high and low for various spelling version of Lisa de Jardin, but not even KFWB's home page has anything on this journalist. Today there was an article in the L.A. Times about boingboing.

Wars over words and data

by David Sarno (web scout) §E1

The first thing I think of is Lisa and that if there's any connection to Xeni, this article will have it. This newspaper article focuses on the ever expanding culture of blogging. There's been an ethical standard concerning online publishing and unpublishing of some of Xeni Jardin's older entries which are brought up.

Though I might not be so obsessed with Xeni's moonlighting habits if I had a career education, for now I'm digging up as much as I can muster about why KFWB has no information about Lisa de Jardin. In this same article, however, is coverage about the youtube debacle over copyrights. It's the same ol' thing we've heard before when Napster was abruptly ordered to take down their site.

With all this crooked copying and sharing of media, I have to question whether Xeni might be moonlighting for NPR as a means of making ends meet, and the reason KFWB doesn't represent any information about her theoretical plume de guerre is because they aren't paying her for airing those news reports.

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