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Just learned the DVD for this 1984, 2+ hour winner is available. If you haven`t already seen NK in this film, you don`t know what you`re missing. This R rated film contains a Kinski at Cannes featurette as part of it`s special features. Of course, this DVD is subtitled in Spanish and the picture is in widescreen ⁄ letterbox format. If you`re a film school student, Wim Wenders gives an audio commentary too.
          I don`t know about you, but I`m planning to make get a copy to watch as soon as possible. I`m hoping my local library decides to carry a copy. Seeing as I just heard the news in The San Francisco Bay Guardian in October, I don`t expect to see any circulating copies become available until next year. Hoping it is included in next years budget. Another item I`m patiently awaiting is The city of falling angels, which probably won`t be in Oprah`s list but just the same is a hot item. The news alert I read on this John Berendt novel plugged his Midnight in the garden of good and evil book, praising it for being in the N.Y. best sellers list for four years.
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