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Intro for brigits_flame

Good god, why would I do this twice? once in my profile and again here.

I'm a graduate of an invisible college that issues invisible degrees. I live alone with my moggie. Together we plan to conquer the world.

I'm average height and average complexion. I work for a living and rather stay at home than try to be social outdoors. Some places I've visited are Mexico, Hawaii, New Mexico, Germany. Traveling is fine, but I'm battling a phobia over flying.

I watch a lot of movies, either on TV/cable or DVD. I don't get too attached to sports until the playoff championships start for either baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR, whatever. I attended two years of college with the objective to become a cartoonist. In all the ruckus of my first year, I developed a sense of realism and changed my major to a more logical career like graphic design. It was this that helped me tackle html for web design as it's true that the changed proved useful in contracting work as a marcom designer.

I never got over my high school sweetheart and there's a hole in my heart. This is something nobody suspects about me because I never raved over her after we split up. However, I kept secret my visions of her wherever I went, day after day. Only recently have I encountered a convincing confrontation after so many years of no contact with her whatsoever. Convincing because neither of us recognized each other. I'm still not 100% certain it was her I saw, but I find myself obsessing over her once again after time had all but erased her from my memory.

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