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It's bed time and I can't find my cat

(click for illustration) Normally, I would be in bed since tomorrow is a workday. However, at this late hour, I open the door and call out for my cat "Figaro!" and he come a running. The little brat isn't responding yet, so I guess he doesn't want to end his hot date early.

I haven't been using the treadmill because of my right foot. A couple of days, or more, have already passed without me getting on that thing so I decided I could watch the boring Parker Posey movie, The event, and get a couple miles done. That movie starts out slow. Maybe women can tolerate that pace, but I'm reluctant to patiently stand by and wait for it to pick up. I guess if a person is a Parker Posey fan, it would be hard to not see it from start to finish as she has a part in most of the scenes.

The subject of this film is AIDS and, not surprisingly, homosexuality. This same sex partnering is a touchy subject which I'm sure my priest could convincingly set the argument to get me against it, but it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the idea that same priest might have an argument to most things, like heavy metal, or other vices I might enjoy. So, my sadistic nature has me quite attentive as to what the outcome of this years elections will reveal. I'm not surprised that somebody is trying to overturn a federal law banning off shore drilling (considering these prices), but if that little law gets overturned and the gay marriage law gets overturned, what about the marijuana law?

Drugs are harder to get than they're worth, so I don't smoke. I don't drink either, anymore. For that matter, I don't even have sex. So why am I even alive? That's what I say. This movie, The event, does pick up the pace and it ends beautifully. I never imagined I could ever be able to digest a film about gay love, but this is not just a film about gay love, it's a romantic tragedy so to speak. I wouldn't know because I don't understand that groove. I'm straight as an arrow.

I've been trying to lighten up and not be so down by focusing on more movie comedies. This one definitely is not funny. A new person starts work one week from tomorrow and I can't get out of my head the way that I said goodbye to her. I said "Look forward to July." but I meant "I look fwd…" or "Looking fwd…" I'm so stupid sometimes.

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