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Taking showers vs. baths

I was chatting with my dad the other day about the old days and growing up on a ranch style property. I can`t imagine how life must`ve been growing up in a small town in the outskirts of Mexico without running "hot" water. Bathing was a weekly thing and filling the tub with hot water meant boiling pans and pans of water until the tub was full.
     I`m a shower bather, or so I thought. I use to like taking baths once in a while because I would listen to the radio while I just lay in the tub enjoying the soothing blanket of warm water. But bathing takes too long and isn`t ideal for getting cleaned up and ready for work the next morning. Recently I became disgusted with my shower curtain and removed it. Now I bathe in the tub. I don`t have my radio anymore, but I listen to podcasts on my MP3 player. I`m getting a "fart" fan installed in the ceiling soon and that should make showing pleasant once again because I don`t have to concern myself as much with mold build-up on the walls. I`ll miss bathing if that`s the case. Or, I could just replace my shower curtian on days when I definitely am pressed for time.
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