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Get smart & War, Inc.

By itself, Get smart only succeeds to give the impression that Steve Carell is anxiously rushing into roles to complete his quota of movies left in his contract. A double features containing both Get smart & War, Inc. might've proved a good match with a higher box office count (for GS), but as it was, by itself, GS was totally boring and dumb. War, Inc. was a bit difficult to keep up with, I'll admit, but I look forward to a second showing soon.

John Cusack's role in this film gave the feeling that he was attempting at conveying some of the concepts from the book The shock doctrine by Naomi Klein. Perhaps the reason that I only got as far as chapter 14 before setting it down is the reason come humor in the film escaped me. It's all worth it to see Joan Cusack with her brother.

One of the big new trends online is the use of video by novelists to advertise their books. After having seen John Cusack interview Naomi Klein for her latest book, I went out and picked it up at the local library. I got as far as chapter 14 and set it down for a breather. I'll pick it up again next week.

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