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Phone controversy left and right

The other day, I thought I heard a segment on the news about "reporters" being able to read your e-mail and that issues were being brought up about their right to read your text messages. I said to myself "Huh, what?" Then, later into the story, I clarified that the report was about "employers" rights to invade employee privacy by reading their e-mail and text messages. Talk about teasers.

Even worse, since we're talking teasers, there's a short interval between main news stories and weather when the camera is positioned at an angle where Ana's legs can barely be made out. Julz keeps telling everyone at work that I have a foot fetish. I don't think there's a single person at work that doesn't have me pegged to be some perverted stockings sniffer, but the other day Jay was asking whether I would ever do such a thing as lick a woman's toe. Somehow the conversation had taken a turn toward toenail fungus. I'm sure most people would draw the line at toe sucking if their subject had toenail fungus. Gross.

In the news today, what caught my eye was the easy stuff of interest. Cell phone law going into effect July 1. Don't let the cops see you holding a cell phone up to your ear. I'm constantly watching out for cops when I drive. It's almost eerie the way I check blind spots.

Cellphone law has big deterrent

by Ralph Vartabedian, Front page

Then there was a short editorial about how the news industry is suffering at the hands of the Internet. News providers are trying to pull a Metallica in that, they want all bloggers to stop taking their stories for their own blogging purposes.

News bites news • • • • • • • • • • • LA Times 6/19/8 §A20

NBC4's Ana Garcia

I do this a lot (reading stories in the newspaper to discuss on-line). The other day, I surprised myself when I commented on the porn trial against Ira Isaacs and learn shortly after that the judge was pulled off the case because he was a perv too. This little coincidence is probably what made my ears hear Ana Garcia say that "reporters could read my e-mail", although I don't consider my blog entries as e-mail. I just want to 1) take a peak at her right calf and 2) high definition resolution picture of her lower canine teeth.

I began to read into the porn case and learned a new word. Scat is used to describe films that contain disgusting things not even animals do, well, my dog likes to eat the cat shit he finds in the yard, so I stand corrected. My concern is, how hard can it be to google SCAT and find that stuff on-line. And where does the justice system get off telling people what they can and cannot do with their music, but it's okay to make perverted web surfing easier by defining four-letter words currently in vogue.

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