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16th June, 2008

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to work on finishing up a screenplay, no matter how rough it was. I just wanted something to call my 120 pages of storytelling. Along the way I get sidetracked with interesting books that I tell myself will be helpful to contemplate interesting dialog and stuff. Sometimes I just don't have anything to write about. I think writers call this writers' block.

I was in Pasadena yesterday. Sunday. I took in a movie and browsed a stationary shop for supplies. Ink, sealing wax, cards. I saw that they stock Lamy fountain pens. I've been meaning to try one and I did. They write nicely, but they cost $30, which is not outrageous. But do I need that? No. I'm up to my ass in writing tools. I stocked up on gel pens after I got fed up with the fountain pen that I kept in my desk but never seemed to be readily available with a full reservoir of ink when I needed it. Now I have a gel pen on my desk, a gel pen in the living room, a gel pen in the night stand, a gel pen on the dresser table.

So basically I'm trying to convince myself that I should wait and see if Lamy ever finds the courage to produce an oblique handled fountain pen, like the ball point yoropens which i'm also waiting for a fountain pen version of. I mean, it's not like having a new pen is going to perform some miracle and make my hand become immune to carpal tunnel. Hm, did I spell that right?

The leetle doodle displayed in this entry was produced with two different calligraphy pen nibs, a fine line nib, two different size brushes, a pencil and a B-5 speedball (for signing my name). If I had picked up that red Safari fountain pen, what would I have been thinking of when I was hard at work doing this? Actually, I stand corrected. I also used a green ink (RSVP?) ballpoint, a wooden pencil, a mechanical pencil, coffee (I love the way it dries with darker outlines, and a sumi brush, a Pentel sign pen, and that's enough! These last mention writing tools served in development for brainstorming a funny "punchline". If you don't get this comic strip I will explain.

The other day, while cleaning, I cut my finger and ran outside to draw a smiley face on the pavement. The small nick is slowly healing, but I feel the discomfort at work while I enter data into the 'puter. All I can think of is when the last time the keyboard were disinfected. Imagine now, being in the same situation but using a public terminal. Ugh.

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