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Ira Isaacs

Porn is addicting. I'm the first to admit that stumbling onto web sites accidentally is harrowing to one's will power. In fact, I can't see how there can even be a porn industry at all with the free stuff made available at redtube or youporn, but one thing is certain, when I have a hot date and it's time to bring out the toys, these easy to remember web sites come in handy. Why on earth would a jury be willing to view this stuff in a courtroom? That is more kinky than the worst bestiality or trisexual experience caught on tape that I can think of in my voyeuristic exploration.

Trial to gauge what L.A. sees as obscene

by Scott Glover, 6/9/8 LA Times front page

There's been a few artist/poets who've done time and produced spellbinding art while incarcerated. The question is whether sending Ira Isaacs to prison for making porn videos is the equivalent to being a political prisoner. After all, sex is always being used commercially for selling products thru advertisement. Although marketing communication designers might not call this technique artistically viable as an aesthetic style, American's should be questioning what exactly the definition of art is if a citizen of this country cannot explore his first amendment rights.

Max California
I don't buy it. I don't endorse it. I just point the way
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