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Cosmetic flaws on TV are scarce. Do you recall those old westerns, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, in which falling off horses and being knocked down in a brawl never seemed to result in a hair out of place, or a sombrero that had fallen?

Sex on TV: was it good for you?

by Joshua Alston, Newsweek 6/9/8 P.58

New shows like Swingtown and The secret diary of a call girl seem to be expected to make strides in ratings. I can barely afford HBO, recalling those days when all I would hear peeps talk about was The Sopranos, or Sex and the city, which I didn't get, and now that I have my HBO (and my HDTV) everyone else is watching Showtime. Swingtown was originally intended for HBO viewers, but the powers that be declined on it. According to Alston's article, because the line up on HBO was already crammed with drama filled relationship plots. Um, the only one I know of is Big love and I haven't seen a single episode of that because… I been busy.

Is TV really overcoming their conservative position on sexuality? What about strong language? I think I'm not alone when I say that rekindling lost love is mushier than porridge and a healthy relationship, regardless of it's mushiness, can only exist with the arguments, swearing, hateful name calling and object flinging that come with the ups and downs of true love. Geez, I can't wait until Ramirez gets released.

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