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I can't figure out how to get the margin of entries to incorporate the :firstline command in my blog so that only the most current entry clears the letterhead.

urbaniak has an entry addressing his hunt for work. Funny guy* . I would've placed my bet on his blog, but I'm not even certain it's him. I've fallen victim in the past with user names like Sonja Mousa, or or various other well known celebs on various other blogs, homepages, etc. Or, it would be the lowest feeling to be weeded from his comments, and that would start me on another inferiority complex in which I'm constantly wondering what I said wrong.

Out of curiosity, I searched his IMDB page to see what exactly he has in the works in terms of stints when I come to the realization that he was in Death of a Prez. Why is this movie NOT in the LAPL database? Is the video out already? Has anybody seen it?! Please tell me that this video is not available only on the black market. There's so many people that are against war, against Bush, I cannot seem to grasp how this could be? I haven't seen it on cable. Should I even keep tabs on the pay-per-view channels to see when it will become available?

My bet is on Urbaniak.

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