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¶Beaky, in all his dorkiness is the mascot for my home page. I chose Beaky because he is the one cartoon from my cartoon watching days that stands out as an impressionable character. Of course, Bugs and Daffy are way more famous than Beaky, but the duck and rabbit were worked to certain death when Warner Brothers began producing Bugs Bunny movies.¶ Beaky is baby vulture who appears with Bugs and Elmer Fudd. Beaky never really had his own Cartoon the way Tweety Bird, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, etc. So when I shopped the Warner Brothers store for novelties and memorabilia, I could never find anything with Beaky on it. I would search the Internet for him with little result. Back then, I thought the little critter`s name was Skeater when I asked the clerks at Warner Brothers store for assistance. They told me I was in the wrong place and should go to Disney`s store. But I knew what I was talking about¶.
¶Because I don`t have my own domain name, I was trying to find a good way to make my pages more visible thru the more popular search engines. I discovered a whole web site dedicated to tutoring the web designer novice in getting their pages noticed more.¶¶I haven`t had the time to really go thru the entire course, but I`ve managed to get myself on Google (if the keyword is accompanied by 'r.aguirre'). So, I figure I have one of two options, create a "" account and pay
for my own domain name, or make r.aguirre a household name. Maybe a t–shirt with the cartoon Beaky on it with a speech bubble reading r.aguirre. Because I do most of my freelance work out of Bee Studio, I thought it would be nice to affiliate Beaky`s name with the abbreviation of BEE KEYword search.¶Though I doubt something as simple as that will work, it would be just my luck that I`d get sued for using Beaky`s image to promote my sight. What I mean is, I`m open to donations and possible paying assignments that I find through self promotion on my website, but if the creator of Beaky learns of what I`ve done, I would hate to be the subject of a lawsuit for not having notified and obtain permission from the copyright owners.¶You know what, though? I do this kind of copyright infringement all the time, short of being a plagiarist. For example, in my previous issues, I`ve commented on movies and programs containing one of my fav actresses, Catherine Keener. I`ve made some half assed effort to get my CK pages to real in websurfers with similar taste in films by using her name to create search engine results. Maybe it is sneaky, and maybe it is an infringement on their persona, but I`m no legal buff and everything I write in my blogs are meant to be done spur of the moment. I`m easy to contact and if ever I were to receive a piece of spam that even remotely appeared to be from a celebrity management team, I would give it special attention. I`m not a thief (famous last words).¶

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