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Taking candy from babes

Politicians don't kiss babies anymore because, if they did, they would need to apologize for it afterward. Somehow I got into my head that the Bush administration was appointed by the judicial system, a thinking process invoked by the HBO release of Recount. I'm just sitting here wondering whether an Obama administration might be considered media appointed. My math is rusty but this adds up, doesn't it? Oprah Winfrey has enough money to influence media to say good things about Obama, and bad things about Hill; plus, everybody knows Oprah is a supporter of Obama.

You're probably asking yourself, but what about the whole electoral campaigning process of kissing cute (or ugly) babies? I don't see any corporate media VIPs kissing babes, but have you ever stuck a metal object, like a spoon or a fork, into an electrical outlet? Or, have you ever licked a TV screen to see if all the pretty colors contained flavor? As far as I'm concerned, that's a very thin line and I'm as guilty as the next guy for placing unnatural things into my mouth.

I don't know for sure, but it just might be something a toddler with a low IQ would do. I'm the first to admit it. Duh.. [wiping drool from lower lip]

I also don't know if you've heard, but the city librarian has decided to step down. Time to retire. Enjoy life. The L.A.P.L. system was in process to help fix the city's budget overdraft by imposing a $1 stipend for readers doing research for every book they request via computer reservation system. This site explains how readers across town have changed attempts to extort monies from readers just trying to expand their minds.

I happen to like readers and therefore think a "congratulations" in order for this successful outcome. Judging books by it's cover hasn't been the same since the `80s as people are basing their interests in books by what they see and hear on-line. Even L.A.P.L.s homepage contains a feature Hot Titles to entice web surfers into learning what other peeps are reading.

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