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Some statistics for low ranking sites

I really like making graphic charts. This one contains the rank of small web sites that I've visited and registered with at one time or another. The reason I'm graphing small 'indy' sites is becuz larger ones (like imdb or rotten tomatoes) would make the smaller sites unrecognizable. I wish the colors were thicker, but I don't know how to do that yet. Anyway, you should be ab le to view by page views. The page view differs only slightly. I miniaturized the Alexa URL at tinyurl

This chart shows wikiquote as the leader and hsx not far behind. However, pixdaus has been picking up hits. I included, which is a teen library resource thingy, and though you may be asking what the hell this has to do with film sites, I can only explain it by saying that I wanted to use all 5 Alexa slots and the few NOIR web sites didn't register on the chart against these other players.

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