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Bier de Stone

Has anybody seen my fingers anywhere?

I can imagine how somebody who sees my finger gloves laying around might think they're turds and not want to touch them. I think they might've fallen out of my pocket during a lunch break last week. I found a place that sells cylindrical finger rigns made of leather about the size of an armor ring. And I use them to write.

Last week I sat myself down to make a list of tags I use frequently. I like the way some people's lj stylesheets show their tags ballooned to various sizes depending on their usage. I dunno how to do that (yet), so I printed them all out in different sizes using different style writing. The following day I had an unbearable itch on my middle finger.

A couple days go by and, regardless of having used the old finger protectors to ward against writing callous', my middle fingers is dry and cracked. It's getting better now, but I guess it's the point of the matter. I don't wear turds on my fingers. They're more like gothic gloves. Think egl as I don't think I have ever seen a lolita's male counterpart. What's up with that? There's gothic fashion and then there's lolita fashion. What do guys where who hang with their lolita gf's?
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