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Wakey wakey… The other day, Sharon Stone made an observation over the natural disaster that claimed some 88,000 lives in China. Personally, I'm fearful of earthquakes and refuse to believe the tectonic plate theory in the San Andreas fault. So, I usually keep my mouth shut about volcanic activity because, duh, I have no supporting evidence.

Thank god countries don't go to war over silly things just anybody says. Recall the Morrissey song that contains these lyrics: The world is full of crashing bores

No it's just more lock jawed pop stars
Thicker than pig shit, Nothing to convey 
They're so scared to show intelligence
It might smear their lovely career

Sharon Stone is not just anybody, however, she is a celebrity who can be a pop star if she wanted too.

Here's the hotlink to a short article by AFP Sharon Stone apologizes for China quake 'karma' remark† The question of inhibiting your civil rights after you've sold your soul to the devil for fame and wealth is the extent of which the first amendment (free speech) has gotten mention during these 2008 election coverages. FACT: large corporate businesses wipe themselves clean of any affiliation with people with foot in mouth. FACT: invasions of other countries to abolish terrorism before said country is found guilty is not genocide. The word "Sorry" doesn't cut it anymore. When you think about it, if saying I'm sorry is worthless, what's to stop anyone from doing or saying horrendous things? Oh yeah, the police.

For the longest time I had wanted to post here what I think about the brain tumor diagnosis of Ted Kennedy. One would think that journalists would be trying to get the inside story about how often he would use his cell phone, or how many headache pills he took daily. And why Kennedy? Now? His endorsement for the next president is, IMO, much in need and I'm sure endorsements aren't as simple as making public appearances declaring their approval of a candidate. That Ted is destined for some extensive radiation therapy says something (to me) about the small amounts of nuclear technology we all have come to fear. If I didn't know any better, I would say there's a little bit of nuclear fallout exposure for everybody when the time is right.

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