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I'm soon going to have to make a trip out to Bristol Farms for more wine. I'm down to my last bottle. I had me a glass of red wine (imported from Chile) and I'm not sure if I should save some money by going out to Bevmo. I've always felt that to save money means to waste money. … becuz, when you pay for what you think is a bargain, when you get home and pop open a bottle of wine, the worst feeling is that I could've gotten more for my money had I grown my own grape vine and trampled on the grapes to extract the grape juice.

So, I had me a few slices of pepperoni pizza with a glass of merlot red wine. It's 10PM and I'm worried that I'm going to wake up with indigestion. Just as well, since tomorrow is laundry. I like to wake up at the break of dawn to beat the crowd at the laundromat. I wish I could afford the rent for a place where there's central cooling, central heating, my own bathroom and a washing machine.

I gotta remember to recharge my toys. Cell, blue tooth, camera, w/d cash, deposit check. Ugh.

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