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Protestantism and christianity

I went to the Sunday gathering several weeks ago and I`m not commenting on it since I`m sure there are plenty of Christians out there who might be offended by my opinion of the prayer group. Instead, I`ll just say I could feel all the demons swarm out of me. I can`t really say I`ll never, ever do that again — go to the services — because one of the things I like about my religion is I can say I`m a believer and be accepted as a god fearing person the few times I go to mass (if ever) as I would be if I had gone regularly, or even yearly on Easter and/or x-mas.

Now I have the unusual urge to never cut my hair. My logic is this, maybe if I look the part, I will have better luck learning to play guitar. I have a DVD that helps. Maybe I`ll go do that now.

In other news, I spend all my valuable free time searching and searching for the CD case to the CRADLE OF FILTH album I bought the other day. I want to go thru the lyrics since the vocals aren`t very audible with the grunge effect that that music belongs to. I don`t know what I did with it. I`ve looked everywhere. I`m going to end up having to pull up lyrics from the Internet. :-/

I took the whole day off today. I was planning on picking up an old Performa 450 which was maximized for memory and has some sentimental value if nothing else. I don`t know where I`m going to put that thing. I swear I have no space in my house for that kind of thing.

Hahhh!! Just found the CD case. It was in the stack of bills to pay
Pretty pictures DAMNATION AND A DAY

Gotta buy a new mop handle and mob dreads from office depot.

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