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Bier de Stone

Saturday, a perfect ending to awful week

I've been taking hourly lunch breaks because I just don't get along too well with my co-workers. Fortunately, the combining of my fifteen minute breaks to compensate for the extra half hour is fine, plus, if I'm tied up in traffic, it's no biggie as long as I'm honest enough to make up the time. I'm just totally fed up with fast food.

There is nearly nothing to eat that I like around town where I work. I have to drive about five miles up the road to get to anything good. Depending how far I go, I manage to make it back in time, but caltrans, or somebody, is doing work in the road along San Fernando Rd, and noon time is usually bumper to bumper. I don't know much about plumbing, but considering the plans to build a high school nearby, something tells me that what they're installing into the ground are not empty piping but something filled with fiber optic cables. However, I don't know anything about computer technology either.

I found a different route to avoid all the traffic. The problem is that I'm right by the river and there's only so many bridges that will cross it. So today I'm driving out to pick up some milk from Trader Joe's. I'm stopped behind a van at a stop light when I notice that the light turns green. I'm thinking "Damn!" because I thought the stop would last long enough to comb my hair. I begin to fold up the visor mirror and I stumble because something drops down from the visor. I have this piece of plastic on the mirror lid which functions to depress the light bulb button, otherwise the light stays on. It's day time, mind you. I'm accelerating and BOOM! I had a minor fender bender.

The folks I hit seemed really good about it, too. Although they showed me where I seem to have cracked their plastic bumper, they say to me that it's all fine and we all go our separate ways. That I should be cursed with being sensitive to others makes me go on a guilt trip that I should've insisted paying their damage. I find myself reminding myself of the time when some foreigner, probably driving without insurance, hit me the exact same way and just tore off. This alone helps subdue my guilt, but the deed of somebody denting my fender a few years back and leaving no note puts a cork in it.

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