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WGA aftermath

The WGA named names of writers who filed financial core. It's not just George Clooney who's pissed off at them.
I liked this story. It would've been cool if a few names about whom it was referring to were leaked. It makes me wonder, because they weren't, whether some of the writers in question might consist of the late night talk show hosts who seemed to have established an agreement with the WGA before the rest of the studios were all in agreement.
Neat URL converter too.*

Here's who they are†
Pricilla Kay Alden
James Harmon Brown
Michael Conforti
Victor Gialanella
Josh Griffith
Frances Meyers
Pete T. Rich
ena, Maria
Clark, Marlene Poulter
Cosgrove, John F.
Cwikly, Paula F.
Egan, Clem
Esensten, Barbara J.
Grunwell, Jeanne M.
Higley, Dena
Higley, Mark Christopher
Kelly, Meg
Lisanti, Michelle Poteet
Meurer, Terry A.
Morrison, Shawn
Reilly, James E
Ridley, John
Sheffer, Hogan
Smith, John F.
Thomas, Darrell R. Jr.
Tomlin, Gary
Vogelaar, Janine A.
Wolf, Garin


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