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Dinner and a movieWhen movies are made and products are sold, there's always a targeted audience. Teen movies contain lots of jokes and nudity, beauty product ads contain images related to feminine hygiene, etc. What constitutes illegal billboards is as much a mystery to me as it was before I read the LA Weekly cover story BB gone wild. Mention of LA Outdoors as one of the culprits reminded me of my days with the BPASC, a society for bowling proprietors, because I scanned this investigation by Christine Pelisek and still couldn't find a mention of a spokesperson for it. I could only derive from her article that LA Outdoors consists of the various outdoor billboard advertisers like Vista, Clear Channel, CBS and Regency.

Activists trying to control the abusive nature of advertising companies who break certain Building & Safety laws with their billboards are angry that the Mayor approved the replacement of new age digital billboards for some 877 billboards, because these activists, who call themselves Davids because of the David and Goliath simplex involved with fighting a losing battle, are unsatisfied that their original complaint demanding a list of locations of the "illegal" billboards have not been met. Recently, a judgment passed indicating that the excuses used by the billboard execs which claimed such a list as competitive trade secret was overruled. Billboard execs = losers. One would think that the digital billboards would replace the illegal ones, but no list exists. Could it be that the billboard conglomerates are concerned about graffiti on their billboard property and feel short changed by the law enforcement that may seemingly give off a one-sided impression? I would try asking Andrew Goodman, Gary Mobley, Scenic Houston's Lloyd, but as far as I know, these are all names of tagging crew members busted for graffiti and trying to re-instate their good name the first opportunity they get.

It seems Christine Pelisek intended to tarnish some of the government officials directly responsible with this area of the law (ndrew Adelman, Dept of Bldg & Safety Mgr; David Keim, Inspector; Jack Weiss, Councilman; Wendy Greuel, Councilwoman; and Judge James Chalfant; Nick Velasquez, Rocky Delgadillo's handler). There will be blood billboard must be illegal because it contains black letter print, which is socially unacceptable to the education system. Everybody must have their own interpretation of what urbanblight consists of because what might be offensive to one person, might be socially acceptable to another. What a can of worms the bureaucratic red tape described by the journalist trying to access public information can open.

Is this site a result of the information age? Are government officials saying screw the illiterate vandalizers of LA with their illegible gibberish. If you can't use the web to research which upcoming movies are playing at your local theatre, then perhaps you shouldn't be wasting your time vegetating in front of a boob tube.


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