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The smallest cubicle

Time Magazine may have published the first photo ever of a tearful prez? The caption describes compassion over the corpsecount, special forces officer to be exact, fighting in Iraq.

A memo has been circulating. The boss printed an article about the rate hike for requesting books on-line for delivery to your local branch. This has to have been predictable when fees for the metro was mandatory and bus transfers became obsolete. When parking meters started their transformation to accommodate credit cards. When parks no longer allowed bar-b-q picnics, etc. Obviously, Los Angeles is becoming one of the more expensive cities to live in, and this summer can probably anticipate a gas price hike to $5.00.

There's a place in Glnd called The sidewalk café. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. How crass can you get with a name like that? Talk about disclaimers that help turn a profit. I had eaten there before a few weeks ago. I inquired about wifi, and I didn't have any problem connecting, but I can't remember if I paid extra for that. Lots of cafés are providing free access. When I was there a couple days ago, my laptop recognized the signal, but I wasn't able to surf anything. Too lazy to inquire about it, I just assumed it was the old computer I was using.

I tried rebooting. Nothing. I tried troubleshooting. Nothing. Screw it! I was too busy hashing out another page to the GASP. I'm getting reading to search yelp.

It's probably too early to transplant my potted pumpkins to the ground. The problem is, they're too close together in the pot and it would be nice to separate them a little. I can't wait until they get the size that their puniness will seem irrelevant to the uncontrollable spreading this vine can cast. I want to grow grapevines. Jeez, ever since I saw that movie: A good year

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