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Bier de Stone

Lizard kings

I was surfing ljseek to find some ljers with interesting stuff on lizards. I musta gotten distracted by mention of an article about a pregnant man, something normally covered in a rag like Star or National Enquirer. The link was provided by who is the author of

And as I'm uploading these handcrafted words to my flickr page, I finally reach 200 photos. I knew there was a catch. I was prompted that only the most recent photos will be displayed until I upgrade, or delete some photos/scans. I dunno what my old entries linking to older (beyond 200) photo images from my flickr account will look like, but this has to be a sign for me to start considering design layouts for zines and .pdf files show casing the "best of" entries in this blog.

The neighbors are celebrating something. I can hear loud ranchero music, but I don't know what the hell they're cooking. It smells like burning tires. Oh shit! There must be a skunk nearby. That's all I need is for my cat to be having a love affair with a skunk, since Doocie won't have anything to do with him.

You know, it's strange. I know burning rubber is a rough description of skunk, and this breeze coming in thru the window smelled just like that. But I didn't make the connection that it could be a skunk until I typed it here. I hope the skunk isn't inside the house. Sometimes I'll leave the door open for brief moments for the cat. For that matter, I hope it's not me. How will I sleep if it's me.


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