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Aw, look at the dear chillins plummeting their instructor

What's the education system coming to? Liveleak has a link to a video stream of public school students beating up on their teacher. The dirtiest thing I ever did to my art teacher was to swipe a calligraphy pen handle, and I'm still feeling guilty for it.

I don't think this kind of violence would've happened back when I was in school. I mean, I could be wrong. I can see a how a frustrated student might flatten out a teacher like in the movie Disturbia, but a woman? And, lets forget for a moment the student/teacher scuffle and consider the cat fight in Florida which will try the suspects as adults. Isn't it plain to see that this senseless violence is all done for the sake of vlogging? How close are we from televising reality shows exploiting caught on tape fatalities? It's just around the corner. When laws are passed as a result of major corporate concerns on infringements, what else can pirate software developers do to pass the time?

I was laughed at for listening to Journey when I was in High School. Um, I think it was Open arms I was listening to back then. I'm sorry, I just couldn't handle HEAVY METAL at that age.

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